Atomic Habits by James Clear

Atomic Habits is a book I first heard of from Ali Abdaal, who is YouTuber/podcaster/writer. I can’t remember if it was on his podcast or in YouTube video. A couple of weeks ago I was going on a camping trip with my family and I thought it would be nice have something to read at night, which is when I remembered hearing about Atomic Habits. I checked the local book shops and luckily one of them had it in stock. I bought it and was planning on reading it on the trip. What I didn’t think of was that we actually were multiple families on this camping trip and being social was important to me than to sit and read, so I didn’t read a whole lot.

As soon as I came home I started reading, and was enjoying it right away. The ideas and thoughts in the book aren’t the most original, but they are simplified so that anoyone can easily apply them. The book focuses on making tiny changes in your daily life that over time will have a massive impact and change your habits. Easy things like putting your vitamins in sight so that you remember to take them, or unplugging your Playstation after each use to make it more of an obstacle to sit down and start gaming (if playing games is something that you consider to be a bad habit).

One thing I had never thought of that the book mentioned was that the people who seem like they have greatest willpower and never eat anything unhealthy actually don’t have great willpower. They are just really good at organizing their life in a way that cues (temptations) are not present.

There is tons more usefull stuff in the book and I would recommend it highly to anyone.